njr 2.0 30.4.2005


No HTML importer

Spotlight doesn’t come with a HTML importer.

No, really.

I was wondering why I couldn’t search through the release notes.

Someone want to write one?

(Yes, I can imagine about 800 reasons why it would be a bad idea performance- and UI-wise to enable by default, but I want one.) 15:33:04 | comment [] | trackback [] #

Dead access point

ICeCoffEE work would have been started by now, except my access point, now almost three years old, seems to have become unusable today. The access point part of it is giving abysmal performance (1 KB/sec) and the Ethernet switch part just stopped working; when I plug things into two ports, one of them goes through a continual cycle of being connected for a second, then disconnected for another second.

I'll borrow an access point and get working tomorrow, I guess. An AirPort Express will likely replace it, since I’d love to dump my current three-step “getting music to the stereo” solution. Though that means I'll need to get a router box and Ethernet switch when Steve leaves in about a month. 15:33:04 | comment [] | trackback [] #

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