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Django is coming...

Itís time for another of those ďIím not deadĒ weblog posts; Iíve just been really busy writing papers.

However, I should have some time starting next week to get back to my other job, finishing some long-overdue Web work for the College of Medicine. Iím anxiously awaiting the release of Django, without a doubt the most exciting software Iíve seen all year. Yes, itís ďjustĒ a Web framework, but it is astonishing in its simplicity, power and elegance. I stumbled upon the site today and it appears theyíre shooting for a release this week.

Update: there's mostly a site there now, and you can check out the BSD-licensed code from a Subversion repository, or of course there's a Trac site. The code for the website is there, including what looks like a fully functional weblog engine. Must... resist... 12:08:16 | comment [] | trackback [] #

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